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Waste Check | New Website Launch

We're excited to announce the launch of an all-new website for Waste Check, based in Yarmouth, NS! Waste Check provides waste-reduction awareness, education and program support to residents, businesses and institutions to understand and carry out the terms of the Solid Waste-Resource Management Strategy put in place by the Province of Nova Scotia. These services are provided to the Municipalities of Argyle, Clare, Digby, Yarmouth and the Towns of Digby and Yarmouth.

In addition to learning more about Waste Check and the role it plays, you can find information regarding waste and recycling, collection schedules for your area, place an order for a new green cart or schedule repairs, view local facilities, learn more about laws and enforcement and more. The new website is also fully available in both English and French.

Visit Waste Check's new website today to learn more about the organization and take advantage of the useful information found on the site.


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