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Meet Our Co-Founders

Explore the Leadership Behind Boostflow: Billy Mole and D'Andre Smith. Learn about their journey, expertise, and how their shared vision has propelled the company forward. Discover the values that drive their leadership and the impact they've made on businesses across Canada.

Billy Mole, Co-Founder
Business Development & Marketing

Billy is a co-founder of Boostflow and drives the company forward in business development, sales and marketing. 

Previously, he spent close to five years in a marketing management position with one of Canada's largest automotive groups. Upon growing his marketing department to a successful business development centre, Billy wanted to use his skills to bring similar change to struggling businesses. In 2018, he founded Boostflow with business partner D'Andre Smith.

With his years of sales and marketing experience, Billy has helped Boostflow foster long-running relationships with clients and partners across Canada and beyond. 


D'Andre Smith, Co-Founder
Operations & Product Development

D’Andre is a co-founder of Boostflow, where he oversees operations, product development and the strategic direction of the company.

Setting out in 2018 to change the way people shop locally, he prides himself on the projects that have impacted rural business communities the most. D’Andre has helped the company expand its feature offering which has enabled thousands of customers to shop from their favourite local restaurants and retailers online.

Guiding the company forward in user design and experience, D’Andre finds ways to advance the design philosophy of our products and service offerings to better serve our customers and their users.

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