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Lake Doucette Adventures | Website Launch

We're super excited to show off the new website we designed for Lake Doucette Adventures. Wanda and Rob, the passionate couple who run the place, teamed up with us because they wanted to create an online space that reflects their business in Salmon River, Nova Scotia.

Lake Doucette Desktop Website Design

What's Cool About the New Website:

It's Like Being There Without Leaving Your Couch: We've packed the site with gorgeous pics and tons of info, so you can almost feel the vibe of their cabins and the great outdoors of Nova Scotia.

Cottages on Display: Each cottage has its own spotlight on the site, so you can check them out and then head over to Airbnb to book a stay.

All the Fun Stuff in One Spot:

Kayaking? Biking? Chillin' in a hot tub under the stars? Yep, it's all there. We made sure you can find out about all the awesome activities waiting for you.

Meet Wanda and Rob:

These two are the heart and soul of Lake Doucette Adventures. The site gives you a snapshot of their journey and what makes this place so special to them (and soon, to you too).

With a warm welcome and personal touches, they ensure that every guest's experience is as rich and inviting as the natural beauty surrounding the retreat.

Take a Look at Lake Doucette Adventures for Yourself:

Ready to see what we're all raving about? Jump over to the Lake Doucette Adventures website and start planning your getaway. You'll find all you need to know about the cabins right there, and booking is just a click away to Airbnb.


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