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Peer Outreach Support Services | Community Impact Program Website Reveal

We're excited to announce a new website for Peer Outreach Support Services & Education (POSSE)! As the winner in the inaugural run of our Community Impact Program with over 190 votes, POSSE received a zero-cost website to help them bring in more donations and expand their reach.

POSSE is a youth-driven, harm reduction and human rights training and peer outreach project, for youth between the ages of 15-30. POSSE educates youth to become peer outreach workers within their community. Trained youth then assist and educate their peers, reaching youth where they're at, during street-level outreach, regarding violence, homelessness, harm reduction, substance use, sexual health, exploitation, human trafficking, human rights, and sexualized violence.

Check out the new website to stay up to date with everything POSSE has to offer.


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