Paul d'Entremont Marine Website Reveal

Today we're rolling out a brand new website for Paul d'Entremont Marine Ltd. in Pubnico, NS!

A look at the new Paul d'Entremont Ltd. home page on desktop

While Paul d'Entremont Marine Ltd. had a pre-existing website, it was showing it's age in its functionality and design. Many areas of the business were also not highlighted as effectively as they could be, with some not being featured on the website at all.

Preview of a vehicle display page on the new website

In addition to being a Petro Canada fuel station and the wide range of Yamaha and Suzuki marine and powersports offerings, Paul d'Entremont Marine offers a vast selection of hunting equipment and accessories, as well as a full range of Under Armor clothing and apparel.

Previously, areas of the business such as hunting accessories were not featured online

The new website is live now and can be viewed at Check it out and browse their huge selection of offerings!

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