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Why Your Ads Need Offers

Think of the last piece of advertising that actually convinced you to follow through with a purchase. Chances are, there was an offer or promotion attached to it. Whether it's cash or a percentage off of MSRP, buy one get one free, special financing rates or another creative incentive, it takes something special to insight a purchase when we're exposed to such a high amount of marketing each and every day.

Don't let your advertising get lost in the noise by running ads with a simple "we're here and sell this" strategy. Creating excitement through promotions like limited-time offers will incite action and provide real value and reason for the customer to follow through and purchase now. When possible, using these ad strategies with an e-commerce retargeting audience is a very powerful tool to convert uncompleted checkouts. That being said, exciting offers and promos work the same way to drive floor traffic and sales at brick and mortar retail locations as well.

Paul d'Entremont Marine Ltd advertisement

Here's a great example of a Facebook campaign we put together for Paul d'Entremont Marine. Rather than simply running an ad with generic "we sell generators" messaging, this ad provides a great incentive with a limited-time window to take advantage of the offer. This ad both builds value to the product and provides a reason to purchase now.

When putting together the content for your next ad campaign, take some time and put some thought into what would make you purchase if you were the customer. If you were looking at your ad in a sea of advertisements, what would make yours stand out? Sometimes it's a matter of creating a deal a customer can't say no to, sometimes it's adding a little extra incentive to convert up your uncompleted checkout.

No matter the goal, we can help you reach them. If your ad campaigns aren't performing at the level you need them to, we can help! Contact us today.


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