Our Process

Discover what working with us looks like, from our initial needs assessment to website launch


Needs Assessment

We will get started with a review of the project details and scope, including the pages and features required. We'll also discuss your goals for the project, and learn more about the timeline and budget. 


Book a meeting with our team in person or online via Zoom to start the process and learn how we can drive your business forward.

Custom Proposal 

Once we learn about the project details and scope, we will prepare your project proposal and send it over in the next 1 - 2 business days. 

In the proposal you can expect to find: 

Pages & Features Overview
Required Meetings
Total Development Cost 
Estimated Timeline

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Client Onboarding

We'll introduce you to your client portal to begin the onboarding process.

Your client portal will you through onboarding to launch and make the process as seamless as possible.

You'll submit your business information, learn how to promote your website, submit revisions and ultimately approve the design and launch.

Website Reveal

Once we've completed the first draft, we'll move into the revisions stage of the project.

We'll schedule a meeting to reveal the first draft and discuss any potential revisions you would like completed. We'll then make the required adjustments and send the second draft back for a final review. You'll have one last chance to ensure you love everything about the website and submit any final changes.

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Training and Launch

After we have received website design approval, we will reach out with a link for you to book a website training session. 

We will then train you and your team how to manage the required areas of the website. 

Once the meeting concludes, we will talk you through how to submit website launch approval.

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