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Your Website Experience

Does your website offer the same experience that you work so hard to provide in person?

We've seen it time and time again: businesses, organizations or events that just don't hit the mark online. Today, your website needs to be looked at as one of the most important assets of your brand. Whether it's checking your hours, your menu, grabbing directions or getting the results for a favourite event, your audience is going to spend time interacting with you online. This plays a major role in the overall perception of your brand.

Frustrated website user

Imagine you're on vacation in a new city and looking for something exciting to do. You hear from the locals about a popular event and decide to look into it more online. You find the event website, only for it to be extremely lacklustre, featuring out-of-date information and no content to build excitement or depict what you could expect as a guest. As great as this event may be to attend, you are now much less likely to follow through.

Just "having a website" is no longer simply enough. Your website needs to be developed in a way that captures the unique identity of your brand and translates that in a way that delights and excites your audience. Your website should feel uniquely yours, and easily offer your visitors what they're looking to find. And with the majority of web traffic now coming from mobile devices, it's crucial that this experience is parallel across all devices, whether desktop, mobile or tablet.

Annoyed website user

If your website doesn't provide what visitors are looking for, it's much too easy for them to move on to a competitor who does. Consider this: your friend is visiting from out of town and you want to order takeout. You have two choices in mind: one has an online menu with photos, descriptions, ingredients and all the information you could ask for. The other has a simple page with outdated exterior photos and no menu. Your guest now has no way of knowing what's available at the second restaurant. Which are you more likely to choose?

Consider putting yourself in the shoes of your customer. Does your website offer everything you'd expect to find? If your only experience with your brand was landing on your website, does it depict who you are and what you offer in an exciting, engaging format? Whether you have hundreds of visitors or thousands, a proper, well-designed website plays a crucial role in your brand.

Websites are tough but they don't have to be! We work with clients across Canada to create rich, exciting websites that capture our clients' unique identities. To learn more about Boostflow websites, visit


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