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SHEA Lab | New Website Launch

We just launched an all-new website for SHEA Lab based out based of Saint Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

SHEA Lab Website

SHEA Lab, short for Substance Use & Health in Emerging Adults, is an interdisciplinary Research Lab dedicated to enhancing health and wellness in emerging adulthood, advancing evidence-based policy and practice, and supporting safer substance use.

SHEA Lab is led by Dr. Kara Thompson, Associate Professor at St. Francis Xavier University, who won the 2021 President's Research Award.

"We focus on understanding the patterns and underlying mechanisms of substance abuse and health in emerging adults. We are located in the Annex building at Saint Francis Xavier University where we are proud to have established a collaborative and open-minded Research Lab comprised of faculty, staff and students."

Visit the new website to learn more about SHEA Lab including their current and past research, news articles and much more!


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