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Robin Hoodies | Website & Online Store Launch

Today we rolled out the website and social media launch of Robin Hoodies, a brand new sustainable clothing supplier based in Meteghan, NS.

Robin Hoodies

Robin Hoodies is more than just a clothing company. They use 50% of their profit to purchase land to rewild.

"Rewilding means returning land to its natural state. We’re in the business of biodiversity protection and promotion. We want to support life and the richness it brings to all of us. We want to protect what is really valuable now and for the future. To do this, we step to the sidelines and wait for life to take root, to grow and to multiply." - Robin Hoodies

Their signature offering, the Robin Hoodie, is available now and ships nationwide.

We're excited to be working with the team and are looking forward to helping them grow and make a real impact on the environment. Click here to visit their new website and learn more!


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