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The Importance of Mobile Optimization

iPhone with apps on screen

Your customers expect to find the information they're looking for in a fast and efficient manner. Statistics show searches performed from a mobile device are up to 17% more likely to convert into a purchase. With more than half of all searches now coming from a mobile device, you can't afford to not have a great mobile experience. Your mobile website should place the most important information your customers are looking for front and center. Research shows that mobile purchases are often impulsive buys and some statistics report that mobile users tend to spend more per transaction than customers on desktop. Thus, making the path to purchase or inquiry smooth and seamless becomes crucial.

If your mobile website provides an experience that is difficult to navigate and clunky, your customers may become frustrated and move on to the competition. Having a poorly optimized mobile site can also increase your bounce rate by driving customers away before they even interact. Even further, Google has implemented something they call Mobile-first Indexing, essentially meaning that websites with properly optimized websites will appear higher on organic search results than those that are not.

Aside from lowering your bounce rate and increasing conversions, having a properly optimized mobile site can increase brand perception and keep your customers coming back to engage with your content. As mobile use continues to grow at an extremely rapid rate, the number of advantages of having a mobile-optimized website will only continue to grow.


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