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Joe Anne Hunter | Counselling & Therapy

We worked with Clinical Social Worker, Joe Anne Hunter, in Yarmouth to launch a website for individuals, couples and families seeking supportive counselling and therapy sessions.

Joe Anne Hunter Counselling and Therapy website mockup

When Joe Anne is asked why she decided to become a clinical social worker, she will state without hesitation that since her childhood she has been passionately drawn to helping others and being with them through their various struggles in life. Joe Anne grew up in a small rural community in New Brunswick. These years were informative and helped to shape her own personal and professional values that impact how she approaches her therapeutic work - that of kindness, enduring spirit of human endurance, empathy, and hope for those experiencing great pain, suffering and change in their lives.

We worked with Joe Anne to make sure the new website design reflects the professional level of service she offers to her clientele. The website features a look at the types of sessions available, pricing information and how to utilize EAP (Employee Assistance Plan) insurance coverage.

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