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Adjusting How You Do Business During COVID-19

With the state of emergency announcement coming from the Nova Scotia government, many businesses were given no option but to close their doors for the foreseeable future. But that doesn’t mean business operations have to shut down until the order is lifted.


Businesses trying to adapt to our new way of commerce during this unprecedented time have resulted in underprepared restaurants and retailers resorting to e-transfer payments and Facebook messenger orders, which is both unprofessional and not completely solving the problem.

Most businesses do not have their inventory or menus online, leaving their customers in the dark on what they're ordering; that's if they can even manage to find what that business wants them to do to make an order. Many people are unable to support locals at all because, with no e-commerce options, many businesses in Yarmouth had to make the difficult decision to shut their doors until things return to normal. This could be anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

Online menu

In these uncertain times, we want to give Yarmouth’s business community a way to compete in e-commerce and keep local dollars circulating in our economy, while it is needed more than ever.

In a survey with over 10,000 Canadian small business owners, one-third of respondents said their business wouldn't last longer than a month under these economic conditions.

We want to help our economy get through this difficult period and help businesses get online as fast and affordably as possible. We want to work with partners and their budgets, whatever they may be. This way, we can ensure local businesses have a platform to survive now and into the future, when things return to normal. It is an unfortunate possibility that some businesses in our small town, believing they were closing temporarily, unknowingly shut their doors for the final time.

The economy has entered a time where the only way non-essential businesses can continue to operate is by doing so online. We can help.


Do you want to change how you do business with a new website? Contact us to learn more.


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