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Digital Signage VS Static Signage

Digital signage provides several benefits when compared to static signage. By providing the ability for interaction along with moving, engaging visuals, digital signage can attract far more attention when compared to its traditional counterpart. While static signs can wear out and messaging can become stale, digital signs offer the ability to continue to be updated throughout their life to always feature fresh content. They also offer unparalleled responsiveness, allowing you to update your message in real-time, making it so you can quickly adapt to any changes or events that may be happening.

Boostflow digital signage graphic

Small Space? No Problem!

Digital is also a great solution when working with limited space, as you can show multiple messages or ads on just one screen. Digital screens are also very easy to maintain, especially when compared to manually changing static signage. It also produces no print costs, no waste from throwing out old signage, and requires no one on ladders to change out the message.

Digital signage should be looked at as a long-term investment that can increase sales and customer experience, but also as a means to streamline your marketing and responsiveness.


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