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Alyssa Foods | All-New Website Reveal

We are thrilled to announce the launch of an all-new website for Alyssa Foods, based in Pubnico, Nova Scotia! Specializing in producing gourmet codfish, pollock and fish cake, Alyssa Foods is committed to providing its customers with the best products.

Our team worked closely with Alyssa Foods to create a website that not only showcases the delicious and high-quality products they offer but also highlights the company's dedication to sustainability. The seafood industry is constantly evolving, and Alyssa Foods has made a conscious effort to incorporate more sustainable methods of catching fish for its products. With a commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, Alyssa Foods is a leader in the seafood industry, and its new website reflects that.

Visitors to the website can learn about the company's responsible fishing practices and the steps they take to minimize their impact on the environment. The new website is a sleek design and user-friendly interface making it simple to navigate.

"Alyssa Foods Homestyle Market is a subsidiary of Pubnico Trawlers Ltd and East Pubnico’s best-kept secret! Located on the backside of Pubnico Trawlers, in behind DC Bait, you’ll have to look for the flashing sign at the top of the driveway to find us. We began years ago with the production of our Original Saltfish Fish Cakes and are currently developing a new Gluten Free Fish Cake with large chunks of fresh fish. The originals are now available at No Frills in Barrington! We will be adding more products to our line in the coming months."

We encourage you to visit the new website to learn more about their products and sustainable practices.


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