Website Training Program

Design a website for your business or organization with a self-paced online training program & pre-launch audit

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Course Structure

Creating and managing a business website internally comes with many challenges. We've developed a series of courses aimed to help business owners learn the basics of web design to create and maintain a feature-rich website on the Wix platform.


Participants will take a standard website design course to learn the ins and outs of the Wix editor. Website training participants can also opt into any of the following e-commerce and content-based features: 


Restaurant Online Orders
Appointment Bookings
Blog Manager
Events Manager
Email Newsletter

Self-Paced Learning

To overcome the challenge of both learning and designing a website, we created a course structure that allows you to move at your own pace while having unlimited access to our team for guidance. 

Participants will utilize a client portal to complete the standard website design course and any additional features requested at their own pace.

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Website Audit

Once your team has finalized the website's design, it's time to move towards the pre-launch audit process. Our program facilitators will complete a comprehensive audit of your new website to ensure it looks professional and modern as well as able to perform its absolute best.


The website audit reviews and optimizes: 

Structural Integrity
Mobile Layout Review
SEO & Keyword Review
Feature Review & Optimization
Technical Accuracy

Support & Guidance

If you or your team are struggling throughout the website development journey, our team is here to help. During the website training program, you will have access to book video support meetings with our facilitators, who would be happy to walk you through the issue and get you back on track.

Once the website has successfully passed the audit process, our team will connect your domain, complete your SEO and schedule a 1-on-1 offboarding session to: 


Help form a mobile app management plan
Complete final launch preparations
Submit website to search engines
Provide website management roadmap
Answer any outstanding questions 

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