T&T Ocean Salvage | New Website Launch

After a lifelong career in the fishing industry, Kurby & Tim Malon applied their equipment & expertise back to the ocean waters and assist stranded vessels across Nova Scotia founding the company: T&T Ocean Salvage.

Discovering a deeper need for Emergency Response Services, they doubled down and expanded their fleet of equipment and added key members to their team.

Pollution control is their top priority and they have a solid track record for fuel recovery, often in adverse conditions, and established an excellent working relationship with Environment Canada.

In 2018 T&T responded to 14 marine casualty claims in the Maritime Provinces, 9 of which were out of Lower East Pubnico.

We recently launched a new website for the team based in Pubnico and can't wait to see where 2020 and beyond will take them.


- Check it out at ttoceansalvage.ca