Pombcoup Technologies | New Website Reveal

We're very excited to be launching an all-new website for our friends at Pombcoup Technologies! Pombcoup Technologies is working to redefine sustainability in the fishing industry.

The global commercial fishery is facing unprecedented opportunities and simultaneously, unprecedented challenges. On the one hand, the requirement to feed the world’s population grows yearly, with an increased focus on clean protein from places like Atlantic Canada. The demand for fish continues to grow. On the other hand, the fishery is under pressure to reduce its environmental impact through reduced use of carbon fuels, through reduced impact on the ocean bottom, through reduced by-catch and through targeting of only species that are scientifically proven to be sustainable. At the same time, commercial fishing remains a dangerous job, with injuries and deaths occurring every year. Reducing fishing time at sea by precisely and quickly targeting and capturing fish and using safer automated equipment onboard fishing vessels will reduce crew risk exposure reducing injuries and deaths.

Head over to Pombcoup Technology's new website today to learn more about their mission and stay up to date as their product development continues.

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