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Different Ways to Utilize Digital Signage

Digital signage continues to be one of the most effective ways to share messages and information directly with your onsite audience. Attention-grabbing displays can be highly effective in getting people to take notice and recall information. See below for different ways to utilize digital signage at your location!

Real-time Decision Making:

Digital signage

Sharing marketing messages in the forms of discounts & special offers allow you to influence customer decision-making. A display placed by a checkout turns a long waiting experience into an opportunity to provide valuable information to customers through savings or product information.

Product/Service Information:

Digital signage

Providing viewers with more detailed information on products can help educate those using your products & help turn. More info on the material used in the product, the nutritional value on menu items, or tips and tricks on how to use what you're selling.

Digital Menus:

Digital menus

A digital display menu allows restaurants to change up menu options on the fly without having to order a new billboard or ruin their existing menu with tacky DUI updates. Menus rotate and change with seasons & being able to quickly update what’s available is paramount. Being able to showcase and promote certain menu items to consumers allows restaurants to up-sell without being intrusive as well as present discounted menu options to go along with current marketing initiatives.


Digital signage advertising

Showcasing your product or service through branded graphics & messages on a digital display will go a long way to raise brand awareness & recall. Having customers be able to experience your brand on-site allows them to more easily recall your business on other platforms such as email marketing, social ads or printed marketing materials.

Internal Information:

Digital displays

Digital displays make relaying internal information to employees or site visitors direct & digestible. Making a great first impression with visitors, digital signage gives you full control with the ability to strategically place monitors & deliver timely information to aid them throughout their experience with your organization.


Digital displays

Selling screen time in your building via digital signage is an extremely underutilized market and opportunity for locations that make sense in terms of foot traffic, advertiser relevance and the type of industry you’re in. For example, a fitness centre with a digital screen could partner with advertisers offering products or services relevant to facility users. You also would have the option to promote classes, referral offers etc about the facility as well.


Digital screens

Quizzes, mini-games and promotional videos turn long wait times into more positive experiences.


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