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Community Impact Program | Vote Now

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Voting for the first round of our Community Impact Program is open now! Voting will remain open until 11:59 PM on Thursday, September 30.



Peer Outreach Support Services:

"POSSE currently does not have a website. Having a website would assist us in the promotion of our services, education and fundraising."

Tri-County Women's Centre:

"We could use assistance to build a better means for the community to make donations to our organization. Our funding is inadequate and unsustainable resulting in the need to spend a lot of time fundraising."

Yarmouth Life Skills for Disabled Adults:

"2022 marks 15 years of existence in Yarmouth and we still hear, “you are the best-kept secret in Yarmouth”. We need visibility!!!"

Yarmouth Splash Park:

"We have been using social media as our tool for communication yet we are also limited by these. Our own website would allow us more control, especially as we have entered the fundraising aspect of our project but also need to provide information."

Handicapped Organization Promoting Equality (HOPE):

"We need a full-featured cross-platform presence to promote our organization and the services we offer. As a registered charity, we cannot afford the cost of engaging a paid consultant to complete this task. At this time there is no one, either volunteer or staff who can take on such a project and it has been identified as an important component of our 5-year strategic plan which is currently under development."

About the Program

Our community impact program is an initiative that seeks to support organizations whose work focuses on creating lasting impacts in our community. We'll be working with non-profits in Yarmouth to create zero-cost websites to help them bring in more donations, expand their reach and facilitate more change.


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